World Clean Up Day at Trimetys hotels
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World Clean Up Day: Trimetys hotels continue their fight against plastic pollution of the oceans.

World Clean Up Day: Trimetys hotels continue their fight against plastic pollution of the oceans.

On the ‘World Clean Up Day’ taking place on September 17, Trimetys Hotels’ teams gathered on Mauritius and Rodrigues’ beaches to participate in a waste collection.

‘Ansam pou nou planet’ / “Together, for our planet”

Guided by this slogan which advocates solidarity, many participants responded to the call to participate in these days dedicated to waste collection.


Thursday, September 15

It was in Rodrigues that the actions started on Thursday morning with our PLAY mourouk teams who crisscrossed this emblematic Rodrigues beach armed with their gloves and bags in search of rubbish. If the hotel is currently under construction, Mourouk beach remains highly sought after by locals and tourists who come to enjoy an excellent kitesurfing spot.

Indeed, the people of Rodrigues are generally very aware of the need to protect nature. But it is not so much local pollution that threatens the island but rather these billions of microplastics, often invisible, that wash up on the beaches. After more than an hour of walking, the team returned to the meeting point with their arms laden with well-filled bags. Head to the sorting bins for the rest.


Meet at Tekoma Boutik Hotel in the afternoon to continue the day. Maintenance employees, gardens, servers, director,… (almost) everyone was there! Not forgetting our dear customers who received an invitation to participate in the activity.

These collection actions are usual at Tekoma. Last month, the hotel launched the Beach BOP (Bag for Ocean Plastic). This project provides each guest with unique designed bags to carry on beach walks, hikes and others to collect the waste encountered.

It is, therefore, with determination that about twenty people came together to clean up the area around Anse Ally beach. Thank you!



Friday, September 16

The next day, it is the turn of Mauritius to take over. The teams from Sakoa Boutik Hotel and Be Cozy Apart’ Hotel joined forces this Friday morning to clean the beaches and roads of Trou aux Biches together.

These beaches adorned with hotel establishments get cleaned almost daily, but pollution can be encrusted in every nook and cranny. Fishing nets, cans, plastic bags and cigarette butts by the thousand. It only took 1 km of beach on the outward journey and 1 km on the side of the road on the return trip to collect around fifteen bags full of all kinds of waste.


And then?

After two successful collection days, our teams gathered around a glass of fruit juice to share a convivial moment. But that’s not the end of the story. We know that spending two days picking up litter is not enough to solve the environmental problem. Still, the small victories must be recognized and described. These actions have enabled us to clean our beaches, and, more importantly, they aim to set an example, raise awareness among our teams and those around them and propose concrete actions to be integrated into our daily lives.

“As a hotel group, we have to initiate and encourage actions of this kind. Like many other industries, hospitality bears an undeniable share of responsibility for environmental impact. We must be aware of this and constantly seek solutions for a better future. It will take time, certainly, but it is today that we will determine the commitments for tomorrow. Together we can make a difference”, Christophe Ramdiane, CEO of the Hotels Cluster.

We celebrate “World Clean Up Day” today. We are happy to see many initiatives taking place in the four parts of the world, fighting against environmental pollution and advocating the protection of our planet. But this fight must not stop at one day a year. Together with individuals, businesses, businesses, and organizations, we will make a difference and offer future generations the hope of living in a healthy world.

Thank our Trimetys Hotels teams for their continued commitment and valuable contribution. See you next year!