Tekoma Boutik Hotel joins forces with Odysseo @ the Beach in Rodrigues against plastic pollution. - Trimetys Hotels
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Tekoma Boutik Hotel joins forces with Odysseo @ the Beach in Rodrigues against plastic pollution.

Tekoma Boutik Hotel joins forces with Odysseo @ the Beach in Rodrigues against plastic pollution.

At Tekoma Boutik Hotel, we believe in the power of collective actions to positively impact our environment. That’s why we proudly sponsored the “Odysseo @ the Beach in Rodrigues,” a captivating initiative to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its devastating impact on our planet. We gave our support through the participation of our team from Tekoma Boutik Hotel in this two-day event, bringing together teenagers from Anse aux Anglais and surrounding areas to engage in meaningful discussions, activities, and a cleanup campaign.

Let’s talk about plastic pollution

On Friday, May 19th, at 17:30, the team went to the Community Youth Centre of Grande Montagne for a movie projection focused on raising awareness about plastic pollution. Attendees had the opportunity to watch a thought-provoking film that shed light on the environmental consequences of our plastic consumption. Following the screening, a discussion occurred, encouraging participants to delve deeper into the subject and explore potential solutions. This awareness-raising activity aimed to educate future generations on the problem of pollution, because we are convinced that it is better to prevent than to act.

Beach Clean Up and plastic transformation

On Saturday, May 20th, the focus shifted to taking direct action against plastic pollution. At noon, volunteers embarked on a cleanup campaign from Montagne Cabri to Saint Francois Public Beach. The goal was to remove litter from the pristine coastline and instill a sense of responsibility and ownership among the participants.

In the afternoon, after the cleanup, an exciting musical and educational activity awaited the participants. This activity, called Trash to Music, showcased the ingenious work of Kan Chan Kin, a Mauritian artivist. Kan Chan Kin transforms discarded materials such as biscuit boxes, PVC pipes, and wood into musical instruments like guitars, drums, and xylophones. By demonstrating the potential of creativity and innovation, Trash to Music inspires everyone to see waste not as garbage but as a valuable resource waiting to be repurposed.

Join the Generation of Change: Inspiring the Youth to Make a Difference

At Tekoma Boutik Hotel, we firmly believe that change starts with every one of us. By collaborating with organizations like We-Recycle, Mission Verte, and Precious Plastic, Odysseo @ the Beach aims to empower individuals and communities to adopt sustainable practices and find innovative solutions to the waste problem.

Odysseo @ the Beach in Rodrigues was an incredible opportunity to unite as a community, ignite the spark of creativity, and take meaningful steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. We hope this event catalyzed change, inspiring participants and onlookers to embrace their role in creating a better world for future generations. Let’s remember that it’s not just about cleaning up after ourselves; it’s about reimagining.