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Sakoa Boutik Hotel – Celebrating 20 Years together Collecting Memories

Sakoa Boutik Hotel – Celebrating 20 Years together Collecting Memories

In 2021, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sakoa Boutik Hotel and mark two decades of memories collected. Together, with the people who are the driving force behind our success, we take a look back over these 20 years of our journey through a series of short films and reminisce the memorable memories with our guests, people who have become like family over time.

To everyone who trusted us to make their holidays a special moment.
To all our guests, who choose us again and again.
To all our people who share our vision.
To all the many hands that built it from scratch.

To all those who know this journey has just begun.


Thank You!


Explore some of the most memorable moments from our journey during a talk with 5 of our dedicated team members:


1. Meet Noël Gopaul

Noël Gopaul has been with us since the very beginning of this adventure. He joined the Sakoa family as a barman in 2004. We thank Noël for these years of service within the Sakoa team and for always giving with all his heart to please our guests

Watch Noël’s Video


2. Meet Ludovic Lagesse

Ludovic Lagesse is the CEO of Trimetys Hotels. He started his career with the group in 2008, as the Manager of Sakoa Boutik Hotel before moving on to successfully lead and grow hospitality operations. Our team members have always kept their passion and love for the profession. Despite the challenging times that the travel and tourism sector has to go through, they have always strived to innovate and offer a one-of-a-kind experience to our guests. He is grateful to the whole team for their determination, which he says is the driving force of our boutique hotel.

Watch Ludovic’s Video


 3. Meet Deborra Enouf

When you step through the doors of Sakoa Boutik Hotel, you’re greeted by the beautiful smile of Deborra. Our team members embody the warm, friendly nature of Mauritian hospitality. Deborra tells us about what makes her proud to work at Sakoa and what makes the beauty of this little gem on the northwest coast. Sakoa Boutik Hotel significantly contributed to many personal fulfilments, and it is not just a job for our team members anymore.

Watch Deborra’s Video

Sakoa 20 Years Collecting Memories - Meet Deborra

Deborra, Front Office Supervisor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel


4. Meet Ezra Jhuboo

20 years ago, in 2001, the Jhuboo family transformed their seaside home into a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. The family opened the doors to this place full of memories and shared a vision built with passion & love by the hands of many. What makes Ezra proud is seeing our team members flourish in their careers within the group. Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel has remained an intimate hotel throughout the years, making guests feel at home. The perfect escape for lifetime memories.

Watch Ezra’s Video


5. Meet Clarel Ber

How would you feel if you were asked to be the witness for a wedding all of a sudden? At Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel, we witness love in different ways every day. We know the importance of a lifetime decision and what it takes to organize and make this moment so unique and memorable. Clarel, our Food & Beverages Supervisor, was on duty when a French couple asked him to be the witness at their wedding at Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel, and this event truly marked his career. We are happy to be the witnesses of your privileged moments and to share the happiest days of your life.

After all, life is meant to be celebrated!

Watch Clarel’s Video


Sakoa 20 years Collecting memoires

Clarel, Food & Beverage Supervisor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel

These memories serve as an inspiration to us to continue our journey with the same passion and spirit, always striving for excellence. We cannot wait to welcome you to our piece of paradise at Sakoa  Boutik Hotel to add a new chapter to your collection of memories. In the meantime, do stay up to date with our latest news.