Reopening of the PLAY Mourouk hotel in Rodrigues: students in hospitality and tourism in Mauritius contribute to developing the 'Sustainability' axis
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Reopening of the PLAY Mourouk hotel in Rodrigues: students in hospitality and tourism in Mauritius contribute to developing the ‘Sustainability’ axis.

Reopening of the PLAY Mourouk hotel in Rodrigues: students in hospitality and tourism in Mauritius contribute to developing the ‘Sustainability’ axis.

After nearly three years of closure for renovations, the iconic PLAY Mourouk hotel plans to reopen its doors in 2023! A new name, a new identity and a new concept for the old Mourouk Ebony Hotel but always with the same objective: to offer travelers a memorable experience. Trimetys Hotels launched a collaboration with students in hospitality and tourism in Mauritius to reach this objective. These future professionals in the hotel sector can participate in a competition that will offer them the opportunity to contribute to this reopening project, with the key to a complimentary stay in this renowned establishment in Rodrigues.

Let the competition begin!

In October 2022, as they were nearing the end of their reopening strategy for PLAY Mourouk, the Trimetys Hotels teams had an idea: to integrate hotel and tourism students from Mauritius into the project. Quickly, the elements fall into place to launch the competition!

The idea is to challenge students on the ‘Sustainability’ axis. They will have to know the destination, its advantages and disadvantages, familiarize themselves with the unique new concept of PLAY mourouk (not yet unveiled to the general public), and propose relevant and innovative ideas to develop the sustainability aspect of the hotel when it reopens. This is a significant challenge for these future professionals in the sector!

By participating in this competition, students will benefit from the following:

  • The unique opportunity to contribute to a project of this magnitude
  • New knowledge and skills that will be valuable to them in their academic and professional careers.
  • Essential contacts in the sector, which can offer them internships, work-study programs or job offers in the years to come.
  • Lucky to see one or more of the winner’s ideas implemented at PLAY mourouk.
  • A free stay for two people in this renowned establishment in Rodrigues when it reopens.

For Trimetys Hotels, this project also brings many rewards. Supporting and contributing to developing young talents in the hotel industry is a source of great pride. Undoubtedly, these same faces will build the tourist and hotel experience of tomorrow, and offering them the right tools to move forward is both a pleasure and a responsibility. Conversely, the new generation also has a lot to teach us. Recent trends and concerns are naturally rooted in their lives. Their ideas will make a valuable contribution to meeting unique customer requirements. 

Step by step towards 2023

During the Student Fair of the Vatel hotel school in Mauritius, the competition was made public for the first time. Present at the event, the Trimetys Hotels teams took advantage of the opportunity to offer exclusivity to the dozens of students they met. Even if the competition was not yet on, they could pre-register. The effect is immediate! PLAY mourouk’s name resonates in the school hallways. An excellent way to arouse curiosity and arouse interest before the grand reopening.

Subsequently, a series of actions took place. Contact with other schools in Mauritius offering a course in hospitality or tourism; publication on the networks; speech by PLAY brand ambassador mourouk on the subject… The information is shared! More than fifty participants registered before the competition even started. On November 15, 2023, all registrants received the brief*. Let’s go! See you in a month for the file’s submission and in January 2023 for the announcement of the big winner.

*Registration remains open until mid-December.

** The competition is open to hospitality and tourism students only in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

‘Sustainability’: what does it mean?

In the hotel industry and elsewhere, we often hear this term which hides a significant complexity. Indeed, sustainability is often interpreted under an ecological/environmental axis only. However, it refers just as much to economic and social aspects. Combining these three pillars forms the meaning of the word: a configuration of an entity that ensures its sustainability.

In the hotel sector, sustainability is both a vision and a gesture. It is progressive, develops every day and makes it possible to establish a list of actions in the short, medium and long term. Sustainability is something you work on every day. These days, this notion is in the headlines. His interest is recognized, and its absence is noticeable. While we all agree on its importance, it is nonetheless complex to put into practice financially or operationally. It is by having the right ideas and resources that we can make it evolve.

The countdown is on! Hospitality and tourism students in Mauritius and Rodrigues have until December 15 to submit their suggestions as part of developing the ‘sustainability’ axis of PLAY mourouk. Good luck to all participants, and see you in 2023 for the award ceremony!