Sustainability Ideas for PLAY Mourouk Hotel Reopening by Mauritius' Hospitality and Tourism Students
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Sustainability Ideas for PLAY Mourouk Hotel Reopening by Mauritius’ Hospitality and Tourism Students

Deevilesh Omrawoo and Christophe Ramdiane shaking hands

Sustainability Ideas for PLAY Mourouk Hotel Reopening by Mauritius’ Hospitality and Tourism Students

Updated on 21.02.2023

After nearly three years of closure for renovations, the iconic PLAY Mourouk hotel plans to reopen its doors in early September 2023! Trimetys Hotels launched a collaboration with students in hospitality and tourism in Mauritius in November 2022 to reach this objective. These future professionals in the hotel sector participated in a competition that challenged them to develop sustainability ideas for the hotel’s reopening project.

The Competition: Developing Sustainability for PLAY Mourouk Hotel

Launched in November 2022, the competition gave students one month to suggest sustainable actions for the hotel’s reopening. They had to analyze the specificities of the destination and the hotel, think about concrete actions to take, and convince the jury with solid arguments. The competition was a significant challenge for the future leaders of the hospitality industry.

Winner Announced: Deevilesh Omrawoo

On December 15, 2022, the deadline for submitting the competition entries was over. After careful deliberation, the jury members announced Deevilesh Omrawoo, a student from Ecole Hôtellière Sir Gaetan Duval, as the winner of the competition. Omrawoo impressed the jury with his innovative ideas for sustainability at PLAY Mourouk hotel.

Student Benefits

By participating in this competition, students benefited from a unique opportunity to contribute to a project of this magnitude, gain new knowledge and skills that will be valuable to them in their academic and professional careers, and make essential contacts in the sector that can offer them internships, work-study programs, or job offers in the years to come. Moreover, they got the chance to see one or more of the winner’s ideas implemented at PLAY Mourouk and won a free stay for two people in the hotel when it reopens.

Trimetys Hotels’ Commitment to Sustainability

“We can’t wait to unveil the new concept of this iconic hotel of Rodrigues. Today, sustainability is an absolute priority and mandatory in our daily operations. Involving tomorrow’s professionals to bring fresh ideas into the thinking process came as evidence,” said Christophe Ramdiane, CEO of Trimetys Hotels. Trimetys Hotels is proud to guide the future generation through today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The company is committed to ecotourism and each action taken towards sustainability counts and leads us to a better tomorrow. At its reopening, PLAY Mourouk hotel aims to operate sustainably and promote awareness among travelers about environmental issues.

Looking Forward to the Reopening of PLAY Mourouk Hotel

With the reopening of PLAY Mourouk on the horizon, Trimetys Hotels looks forward to welcoming travelers who share their values of sustainability and responsible tourism. Let’s work together towards a greener future and keep PLAYing!