Netflix movie’s song “Resort to Love” filmed at Sakoa Boutik Hotel - Trimetys Hotels
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Netflix movie’s song “Resort to Love” filmed at Sakoa Boutik Hotel

Netflix movie’s song “Resort to Love” filmed at Sakoa Boutik Hotel

Sakoa Boutik Hotel hosted the shooting video clip of Justice Lecoq’s song, Soley Pou Leve (2021).


This song is also the closing credit song of the Netflix movie Resort to Love produced by Alicia Keys. The movie filmed between October and December 2020 offered good visibility to Mauritius. Starring Christina Millian, it ranked first in the charts in many countries. It brought our Mauritian artists to the spotlight. Amongst, Jason Heerah & Otentik Groove with their song “Kifer to Pale Danser” (2018) and Justice Lecoq for “Soley Pou Leve” (2021).

Our boutique hotel transformed into a filming scene for a day. 

Justice Lecoq – The Best Performing Artist in Mauritius


Justice Lecoq’s first appearance on the local scene was during a music competition, Vibe Moris. The young artist from Nouvelle France, Mauritius, released two albums within a year. His first album, “The Greatest Romance”, made a hit with “Bizin Twa Mo Baba ‘’ (2020) and voted the best song of this year. The success story for Justice continues in 2021 with his second album, “3 Me.” The significations behind his album “3 Me” are for the three months it took to record the album with 10 titles. The three languages he used on this album, Mauritian Creole, French and English.  For the 3 steps of his life and 3 personalities that he developed. Proud of his African origins, he collaborated with the Jamaican artist Kumar from Raging Fyah. His style and music universe brought a new touch to the Mauritian musical scene. Jason Heerah, his manager wants to make sure his music “cross the borders.”


Soley Pou Leve – Sharing a Positive Message


Soley Pou Leve means in English; the sun will rise. Written by Jason Heerah, Justice Lecoq and Vincent Pierre Calice, this song shares a positive message.  A beautiful message amidst a pandemic situation and a positive spirit. 

It is the first seggae music sung and composed by Justice. A tribute to the pioneers of seggae music in Mauritius, like Kaya, Gérard Bacorilal, Ras Natty Baby, Colonel, and Berger Agathe.  The founders of seggae music have inspired each one of them in their musical journey.

The splendid and ideal location seduced the singer and his manager to shoot at Sakoa Boutik Hotel. With its daily colourful sunsets, large outdoor pool deck and cosy ambience. At the end of this productive day of shooting, the scene took out different emotion. The sky turns out orange, offering a beautiful golden light on the artist and the extras present on that day. Our definition of unforgettable memory and setting for our guests holidays.

We are proud to support local artists and provide them with the facilities to share their talents. We also make sure our guests at the hotel can experience our country’s local vibes and diversity.

Video clip filmed and produced by Sk’eyes production.

Watch out the video clip on YouTube: