How to be both a Local Artist and a Resident Manager? Ask Olivier Cerdor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel - Trimetys Hotels
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How to be both a Local Artist and a Resident Manager? Ask Olivier Cerdor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel

Olivier Cerdor New EP Album Cover Picture

How to be both a Local Artist and a Resident Manager? Ask Olivier Cerdor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel

Olivier Cerdor has several strings to his bow. Besides occupying the position of Resident Manager of Sakoa Boutik Hotel, he is also a well-reputed artist, songwriter and composer.


Our privileged guests can indeed recall Olivier strumming his guitar at Le Sakoa’s bar and performing in this ideal location facing the lagoon. Others remember him with a wide smile, making sure you had an enjoyable stay at the hotel. His team members, on the other hand, know well how his songs made them dance during the end of year festivities. Olivier loves diversity and has a special connection to his local culture, which he shares with our international guests whenever he can. Even if his songs are in the Mauritian Creole language, he makes sure to sing in English and French as well, for the greatest joy of our visiting guests. This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel and having people like Olivier, who lead with passion throughout our journey, enhance our guests’ holiday experience.

This coming July, Olivier is releasing his new EP (Extended Play) album in partnership with Mauritius’s Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage. He collaborated on his new EP album “Semm Lamour”, meaning “Spreading Love”, with Alain Ramanisum, and Jason Heerah.

Olivier together with some team members of Trimetys Hotels and Sakoa Boutik Hotel

Olivier together with some team members of Trimetys Hotels and Sakoa Boutik Hotel

The Path of the artist


The love for music is a passion shared within the family. In 2003, Olivier went for his further studies in Australia.  To cope with this separation, he started writing songs, and this is where his professional career begins as a musician and singer. After spending almost nine years in Australia, he returned to Mauritius in 2011. Olivier is also the winner of the Banyan Tree’s Got Talent competition in Thailand in 2014, where 30 countries competed. Olivier says that his most outstanding achievement is performing during the international festival Womad in Adelaide, Australia (2006) with the “Jalsa Creole” group.

Father of two children, Christ and Olivia, it is with them that Olivier shares his passion and love for music. Olivier says, “At home, we created a space for playing music, and each time I get to spend quality moment with my family is a blessing.

His wife and two children are his precious support and his primary source of inspiration for writing his music. His songs talk mainly about love and positivity and are dedicated to his family. Olivier finally got in the studio in November 2020 and recorded his five tracks that will appear in his new EP (Extended Play) album and has a busy schedule since his comeback on the local stage.

Olivier Cerdor in a music studio

Olivier in the studio while recording his album.

A Master of Details


Olivier’s career at Trimetys started in September 2017 as the Front Office Manager of the Be Cosy Apart’ Hotel and Sakoa Boutik Hotel. In April 2018, Olivier was promoted as the Resident Manager of Sakoa Boutik Hotel, “the little gem”, as he says of the company. Olivier tells us that his job promotion was a challenging experience, but it allowed him to learn and grow professionally. He further says: “I am grateful to the directors and the CEO of Trimetys Hotels who enabled me to work and acquire experience in the four properties of the group. Consequently, I got to understand the different concept in each hotel and enhance my skills.

Olivier is constantly striking the right note; he is a perfectionist. Well-known for his precision and a good eye for details. He leads with professionalism and has gained the trust of his team members. He is passionate, and his sense of hospitality is undeniably a valuable asset to the company.  Olivier can count on the support of his team members at Sakoa Boutik Hotel- his fan club in the front row, cheering up during his concerts. Olivier considers his team members as his family; spending twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week at the hotel created a close bond with each one of them.

According to his colleague Clarel F&B Supervisor at Sakoa Boutik Hotel, “Olivier is a problem solver and team worker- he wants us to be part of the solution. He likes when everything is well-organised in advance. Around the hotel, you can meet Olivier with a wide smile on his face or making a team member laugh. He is always sharing positive vibes with us.

Olivier and Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel team members

Olivier and Le Sakoa Boutik Hotel team members for the Trimetys Hotels end of year party.

Discover Olivier’s Top 5 Songs


  1. Mo Gate
  2. Kiltir Zancet
  3. Donn li so Valer
  4. Je veux m’envoler (Tuned in Love)
  5. Fear Of Life


Stay tuned for Olivier’s new EP album release next July, and meanwhile listen to Olivier Cerdor Full Album “Kontan” on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify or SoundCloud.